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The best way is by entering the actual Category (top or sub-category) your web site is actually indexed in. This way, Customers would know which category to select from the drop-down when updating their listing with us.

Please Note: Some Browsers will automatically list the category for the Customer without having to select their actual category through the list of categories in the drop-down. However, such a convenience would depend on which browser the Customer is using.

The  Editor of the Directory of Official Web Sites, would only index Official Web Sites of Those who are truly of The Arts; Art;  Entertainment; and Music Industry. The Paaw,com directory of official web sites would not index unofficial web sites such as Fan Related Web Sites. is a specific human index directory for the official web sites thereof.

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How many times an indexed web site was clicked on to visit from within our directory.

Please note: This option was just recently re-installed on the directory in late February of 2009.

The "Hits" you'll see in the  directory (in noting the just above) are only recorded up to 2003, which is when this "Hits" option was removed.

The "Hits" Option will start counting again from where the data was last recording in 2003.

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It's an option for Users surfing/perusing the directory where they can report to the Editor of that a web site within our directory they've tried to visit is no longer accessible and to remove the indexed web site from our directory. 

The Editor of does investigate each and every report to verify such reports before the indexed web site is officially removed.

If a Customers web site is reported as no longer accessible (see: Report Dead Link Faq), that Customers listing could/would be removed from the directory. That is, if there is no URL re-direction found by the Editor to the Customers new web site (domain Name) at the time of the Editor investigating the report dead link report.

We ask Customers to please take care of their investment and keep us up-to-date so that there would be no further charges to be re-indexed with a new domain, new official site.

Thank you.


Throughout the directory itself is located near the top of every page a link that states: Modify Your Site.

Click that link on, and once on the Modify Your Site page, enter the exact URL that our database has on file as when your official web site was first indexed (listed) within the first box of the Modify Your Site page. This will allow Customers to make their appropriate updates to be submitted to the Editor of


Unfortunately not.

Whether such URL's are indeed an official listing of a Performer or even an Organization of the Arts, such URL's are part of a community setting.This is not to state being part of a community setting is a bad thing. It's just the fact that these type web sites are often abandoned, and or neglected even while being offered for free.

The fact remains that if they paid for it, chances are far greater that they'll take care of their investment. 

In addition, we simply do not want to be removing listings from our directory on a regular basis if such free services noted above decide to charge a fee.

The Directory of Official Web Sites is being reserved for those who actually own and operate their own domain.

Thank you


A Note
As with all directories of the Internet. The more specific a Searcher inputs in the search box, the better the search results returned.

So you're interested in related services for your Company's production, or perhaps, you're a theatre Patron seeking to attend a show of a certain Theatre Company that the directory currently has indexed in New York? Just type in New York in the search box of the directory and you'll see all the related services and all the related producing companies from all of the top level categories of the directory returned to you in the results.

Seeking Services
An exception to just typing in NEW YORK for those Companies seeking related services may also want to type the "Service" they seek in the search query as well.

The Searcher may also may type in by Country to see what the directory currently has indexed, however, the United States, U.S.,...etc has been blocked out as the results are many.

Again, The more specific you are in what you're searching for the better your time is managed when utilizing any on-line directory.

Note: When the directory is financially able to upgrade to a major index sql directory, searching will be more flexible, but the Searcher still should always be as specific as they can in order to better manage their time utilizing the directory or any other on-line directory.

he directory will almost always produce 3 Sections within its search results that it will present to the Searcher of the directory. Search results are based on the information the Searcher provided the database of the directory to seek via the search query.


The Sections
  • Categories
  • Related Categories
  • Links

The Definition of the Sections

The categories immediately pertain to what the Searcher was requesting through the search query.

Related Categories
The related categories are stating (as they develop) that there may be, or are other indexes related to the the search query the Searcher was requesting.

Links is defined as indexed web sites within the directory that have included within their description of their web site similar search terms the Searcher was requesting in their search query.



All Companies and Organizations shall be listed by the name of their Company or Organization. Alternate names in the title (that are service related) of the submitted official web site can not be included that are service related. Service related descriptions must be entered in the description area of the submitted web site. Thank you.

All Individual Professionals & Talents

All Individual Professionals & Talents shall be listed by their first and last Name only. Alternate professions and talents can not be included in the title of their official web site listing. Such related descriptions must be entered in the description area of the submitted official web site. Thank you

Editor Approval Pending

If the Editor feels a Customer has selected the wrong category for their submitted web site, he'll attempt to index the Customers web site in the correct category. All submissions are Editor Approval Pending, including new web site submissions. No alternative titles will be accepted. Thank you.

Again, endeavors to work in fairness and with respect towards all with no partiality, and could not deviate from such a policy regardless. does reserve the right to edit down submissions that may be against our indexing policy.

We Reserve The Right in Development is a developing directory, and always shall be as new listings are indexed within the directory, as expired listings are also removed due to they are no-longer on-line to be accessed from the directory for whatever reason. will also always be developing "Sub-Category Wise" throughout the directory either per reasonable Customer request for a justified sub-category, or by the ever expanding talents and sounds of the Arts & Entertainment, and Music...etc world within the future.

Therefore, reserves the right to appropriately relocate any web sites owners web site listing (index) within a new Sub-Category of the directory that may at the specific time of growth development be more appropriate to be listed under a relatively new sub-category. Only top informational web sites will be indexed at the base of a top-level category, such as the Library of Congress is indexed under the top level category of "Authors." The Library of Congress is a copyright © web site that most would often utilize for information.

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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