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Grants Frozen, Theaters Improvise

Recession hitting the wallets deeply, but the Human Spirit finds another way.

Maybe it is high time producers once again rely on their purpose of hiring their Actors, who should be creating the feel of those imaginary worlds for the audience without all the big-time glitter. True, in some scenarios, we may need a bit more glitter than others, hut the truth of the matter is that the audience attends to hear and watch the story unfold, and the glitter never really gets the applause that at least a good performance does.

So in a near depressed economy, how can we still pull off the show without all the glitter, which if reduced to something like painted cardboard boxes, shredded paper, probably could reduce the price of the admit-one ticket, which could probably fill some of those empty seats in the house?

More news at the NY Times that details what one theatre is doign to make it work


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