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The Paaw.com directory is our own private directory, which is index by hand via our final submission processes of indexing the official web sites thereof only of those who are of the Performing Arts; Entertainment; and Music Industry. The Paaw.com directory of offical web sites thereof would not index any unofficial fan related web site. Our top level category of 'Business' is for services in the absolute immediate of pertaining to those thereof noted above. We would not index Hotels, Financial services, Web Hosting Companies, dating services under our top level category of Business. Only the absolute immediate and relative business services would be considered for indexing under our top level category of Business to branch out into sub-categories. Business services such as Costuming; All immediate related Production Supplies and services; Theatre Supplies; Make Up; Dedicated Theatre Book Stores Only...etc.

Our current FAQ section in regards to the Paaw.com Directory of official web sites, which should be read first, as there are policies and procedures that would save time in the knowing of them up front for those interested in the entire content of this submission area page.

Our Submission Process and service for official Web Site Owners of the Arts

  • $9.99 one time fee for one (1) Index within the Paaw.com directory, no 'Reciprocal Link required.

Payment for Index
Before considering making your payment, we ask potential Customers to please review which submissions we would include in our directory of official web sites. Please also first review Our current FAQ section in regards to the Paaw.com Directory of official web sites. Currently, all indexed web site descriptions within the paaw.com directory of official web sites have been limited to a 100 character description of their official web site. Further details in the FAQ section.

For those Customers assured of their one (1) submission as trully being related to the Paaw.com directory of official web sites, please click on the below PayPal Buy Now Button to make your purchase of $9.99 for one (1) index within the paaw.com directory of official web sites. PayPal is our ecommerce provider, and has been of almost 10 years.

Official PayPal Seal

Once PayPal notifies us of a payment recieved and officially confirmed, we will respond back to the 'e-mail address' the Customer had provided to PayPal on weekdays usually within 24-48 hours thereafter with a direct URL-link to an Official Submission area of the Paaw.com directory of official web sites so that Our Paying Customer may submit their listing to us directly to be officially indexed.

Please be advised that there would be no refunds to those who pay to submit an unofficial web-site, along with the fact that their unofficial submission would not be indexed, but discarded. We ask potential Customers that if they're in doubt of their one (1) submission being related to the Paaw.com directory of the Official Web Sites thereof, to please first submit their one (1) inquiry to the Editor of Paaw.com before paying. We ask those seeking this Inquiry to please be patient in this free process of the Editor investigating your Inquiry as Paaw.com is a privately owned domain; directory and web-site.

We Thank you for your visit and your cooperation.